10 Egyptian Startups That Scored Massive Funding


Konafa Team

4 months  ago


We all dream of quitting our corporate job and starting our own thing, but how many of us actually take that step? And how many of us have the perseverance to not quit when we spend month after month working 15 hour days and not making any money? 

These 10 Egyptian startups below should be encouragement to us all. The founders started off with just an idea, and then worked their asses off to build something worth investing in. From $1.2 million total funding to a whopping $11 million worth of funding, these companies have secured the trust of venture capitalists and other investors both locally and regionally. Forbes Middle East recently released a list of the top 100 startups in the Middle East, and we’re happy to say that these Egyptian startups all scored spots.


10. Yumamia


What they do: junk-free food delivery and a peer-to-peer foodie app.

Founded: 2014

Total funding: $1.2 million


9. Elves – Your Personal Little Helper


What they do: a personal assistant app.

Founded: 2016

Total funding: $1.3 million


8. Chaino


What they do: social networking platform.

Founded: 2015

Total funding: $1.4 million


7. Elmenus


What they do: a food discovery platform app

Founded: 2011

Total funding: $1.5 million


6. Zee3


What they do: talent scouting

Founded: 2012

Total funding: $1.7 million


5. Wuzzuf


What they do: job recruitment.

Founded: 2012

Total funding: $2 million


4. Instabug


What they do: software glitches in apps detecting tool

Founded: 2012

Total funding: $2.1 million


3. Edfa3ly

What they do: facilitate online ordering and shipping from US/UK/UAE stores.

Founded: 2011

Total funding: $2.5 million


2. Yaoota


What they do: online price comparison.

Founded: 2014

Total funding: $2.7 million


1. Vezeeta


What they do: digital healthcare booking platform for patients and doctors.

Founded: 2012

Total funding: $11 million





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