12 Eclectic Pieces of Contemporary Egyptian Art

1 year ago By Konafa Team


Most people associate Egyptian art with that of Ancient Egypt — but that’s like thinking the only spot worth seeing in Egypt is the Pyramids. The following artists showcase the vast talent we have in contemporary Egyptian art.


1. Artist: Reda Abdelrahman


2. “Crossing The Windows”. Artist: Ahmad Farid


3. Artist: Ahmed Kassim


4. “The Family”. Artist: Gihan Suleiman


5. “The Breadseller”. Artist: George Bahgoury


6. Artist: Emad Rizk


7. Artist: Seif Wanly


8. Artist: Mahmoud Said


9. Artist: Riham El Shamy


9. Artist: Maryam Mughal


10. Artist: Hussein Bicar


11. “At The Window”. Artist: Omar El Nagdi


12. Artist: Taher Abdelazim


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