26 Travel Websites That Will Make Your Next Trip Abroad So Much Easier


Mahmoud Warda

1 month  ago


1. For comprehensive trip planning before traveling


Each of us has a travel wishlist: I personally seek out beaches and nightlife, but someone else might focus on discovering new cultures on their trip, and a third person might want to taste local food in every new city they visit. This website takes note of your trip preferences and facilitates planning as well (how many days you plan to spend, your destinations from where to where, etc.)


2. To compare between prices of flights, trains and buses in Europe


Stretched your budget to the limit and need the cheapest mode of transportation possible while in Europe? Goeuro.com will provide you with an analysis on the cheapest ticket, whether flights, trains or buses. 


3. Websites to search for the best and most suitable flight


Before, we used to rely heavily on travel agencies to hook us up with the best/cheapest flights, but those agencies can be expensive. Luckily we now have intermediaries like these websites — they’ll find you the cheapest flight tickets for whatever destination you’re headed to. 


4. For tracking the best prices for flights or hotels


The prices of flights are like the stock market — sometimes they’re high and sometimes low, and can change in less than 24 hours. Yapta will help you track the price fluctuations of your ticket in order to buy it at its lowest price.


5. For booking hotels, hostels and rentals

https://www.homeaway.com/ (You could rent a whole island)

Accommodation is the second biggest budget drain after flights, but if you’re a professional traveller and adventure-seeker you won’t need a luxury hotel room or a private villa — all you’ll need is a good bed and a clean bathroom. The above websites have something for everyone. 


6. You can’t afford hostels or just want to live with locals?


Want to save on accommodation? Want to know more about the culture of the country you’re in? Couchsurfing is a blessing in this case, and with this website you can stay with a local family or with an individual for free or a very low price (sometimes lower than hostels). This way you can have free accommodation plus engage with your host family, the perks being learning more about the city, eating their traditional food and having fun with them.


7. For good travel guidebooks


Before traveling anywhere, you need background and a reference point, something to help you discover your destination even further — these three guidebooks are the best. 


8. For cheap flights between EU countries

https://www.easyjet.com/en  (You also can travel from Hurghada to Europe with Easyjet)

The conversion to euros is hard for people with weaker currencies, so scoring the cheapest charter flight you can find is imperative when you want to travel between EU countries.


9. For booking trains


In the Euro zone, you’re not limited to travel between two countries by airplane; you can use the train and enjoy the beauty of European nature and landscapes.


10. For carpooling in the EU zone from country to country


Sharing is caring: carpooling doesn’t have to be just with workmates or friends — you can also share your ride with a fellow traveler in their or your own car from country to country or city to city.



11. For reviews of any destination, and advice from those who’ve been there 


If you need recommendations for food, activities, and places of interest whether urban or out in nature, check out these sites for detailed reviews and forums. 


12. For information about the cost of living in any country ( F&B, transportation, entertainment, etc.)


This is for the professional traveler: before deciding to travel, you have to set your budget. Most of us will take an amount of money and either spend it randomly or spend it on the necessary things only, but how about conducting full research on your upcoming expenses? This website will provide you with prices of everything in your destination of choice: transportation, food, rent, etc. This way you know exactly how much you’re going to spend and how much to take with you. 


13. Best website for offline GPS


Got lost and don’t have internet? No worries, just use these two amazing offline GPS navigators. 


14. You’re visiting a new city and want to know more about dining, nightlife and entertainment


Foursquare will hook you up with the best places to eat and go out in every city. 



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