5 Books You Need To Buy At The Cairo International Book Fair

10 months ago By Marwan Omar


The annual Cairo International Book Fair ends on February 10th, and we already talked about venues you have to visit at the fair. But whatever you do, make sure you don’t let the event roll past without scoping out these 5 books. 

1- موسم صيد الغزلان


Since he made a name for himself with his first novel “فيرتيجو” in 2007, Ahmed Mourad has made a habit of dazzling readers with his vivid writing that speaks of lively fictional worlds, and his latest novel “موسم صيد الغزلان” wasn’t an exception. This release marks the sixth novel in Mourad’s career in literature, and it will surely make use of his fame in the art field to climb up the “best-selling” charts.


2- شآبيب

From acclaimed novelist Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq, whose brush painted our childhood with his renowned mini-book series “ما وراء الطبيعة“, and shaped our perspective on life with “يوتوبيا” and “مثل إيكاروس“, comes his latest work of art “شآبيب” that marked the return of our beloved writer to the scene. With his wide fanbase of readers who fell under the spell of his catchy narrations and sarcastic techniques, there’s no doubt that “شآبيب” will top Egyptian releases at this year’s book fair.


3- Origin

It’s true that most of the fair’s exhibits are in Arabic, but on the other hand one can still benefit from the event’s significant discounts to score some English bargains, and what’s a better purchase than Dan Brown’s latest novel Origin? In his brand new project, the acclaimed novelist revives his remarkable nail-biting universe to surpass all the book’s international contenders within weeks from its release.

الزعفرانة: موعد مع السيدة الجميلة

Despite his medical career, Ahmed Salama previously manifested his exceptional talent back in 2013 with his literary debut “محطة الرمل“, aiding him to shine amongst an uprising generation of young writers. This year he resurfaces with “الزعفرانة: موعد مع السيدة الجميلة”, five years after his acclaimed hit.


5- One Hundred Years of Solitude

Gabriel Garcia Marquez is considered one of the most iconic authors that ever existed, and that’s mainly due to his contribution in revolutionizing literature, with 1967’s 100 Years of Solitude. You’ll find it available in both English and Arabic, so make sure you add it to your wish list and who knows, maybe it’ll be your gateway to going deeper into international literature.

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