5 Dazzling Football Stadiums Every Football Enthusiast Should Add To Their Bucket List

1 year ago By Marwan Omar


Among all sports, football is considered the most popular and beloved. The wide affection this game enjoys has people categorizing it as a global form of communication that overcomes all borders and cultural differences. Consequently, it’s natural for us to eye the masses planning and booking their summery flights to Russia as the highly anticipated World Cup draws near. Thus, we thought of highlighting 5 breathtaking stadiums that you might want to mark on your map to experience on your way to the world’s finest football tournament. 


1- Wembley Stadium – London

In addition to its dazzling construction, Wembley is considered the biggest stadium in the UK, and among the world’s most spacious fields, with a capacity of 90,000 seats. Since its launch in 2007, the pitch has been hosting all of England’s football games, and Tottenham’s matches in the English Premier League as well, but on a temporary basis.


2- Santiago Bernabeu – Madrid

It’s true that the mesmerizing structure of Santiago Bernabeu does resemble a fortified palace, but then again, it’s the home of Madrid’s royal team Real Madrid, so such splendor makes perfect sense. Due to its glamour, the 70-year-old stadium became one of the city’s hottest venues with tourists from all over the world seeking a glimpse.  


3- Stade De France – Paris

Just a few minutes from the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find yourself at a vital venue that hosted World Cup games, UEFA Champions League finals and countless other memorable games. With a seating capacity that exceeds 80,000, classy architecture and a riveting view, Stade De France most probably will beat the Eiffel Tower as the highlight of your trip to France if you’re really into football.   


4- Allianz Arena – Munich

With its captivating scenery and vivid surroundings, Allianz Arena has been the fertile host for Bayern Munich, Munich 1860 and the German national team for the past 15 years. However, what embellishes it the most is the alteration in the colors of its encircling panels’ based on the host team; it turns red with Bayern Munich, Blue with Munich 1860 and white with the national team.


5- San Siro – Milan

Despite its vintage structure, San Siro remains one of the most magical football spots around the globe. Being the home field for Inter Milan and AC Milan, it annually hosts their ardent clashes in the Italian championships, which keeps infusing the stadium with fervent vibes throughout the season, making it a highly-desirable destination for all football enthusiasts.


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