5 Enchanting Films to Binge-Watch This Valentine’s Day

10 months ago By Marwan Omar


1- Stuck in Love (2013)

When it comes to romantic comedies, only a few films have managed to hit the spot like Stuck in Love. The film features the romances of three generations of one family with lovable delicacy and great acting, which aided the project in joining the best romantic films produced in the this decade.



2- The Spectacular Now (2013)


Recently, adaptations of teenage romantic novels have been the prevailing productions of the romance movie genre. While most of them failed to have an impact on the audience, some raised the bar high, as was the case with The Spectacular Now. In addition to the breakthrough performances of Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley, the film’s premise encompassed profound layers of drama and thoughtful notions.



3- 500 Days of Summer (2009)


It’s fair to consider 500 Days of Summer a milestone in the history of romantic productions for its outstanding narration technique, the plot’s sequence and the structure of the characters as well. The film also features a marvelous soundtrack, plenty of quotable dialogue and a superb portrayal from Joseph-Gordon Levitt, so make sure you check it out.



4- Crazy, Stupid Love (2011)


Seeing Steve Carell’s name on a movie poster is usually synonymous with comedy, so imagine how amusing things can get when Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone, Julianne Moore and Kevin Bacon share the screen with Carell in the leading roles of Crazy, Stupid Love. In the 2011 film, the directors attained the perfect integration of hilarious comedy and captivating romance, which is really something you shouldn’t miss.



5- Once (2006)


Romantic subplots have always been a key player in spicing up movies, but it’s quite rare to bump into a romantic musical film whose pillars are about more than just singing and dancing. With Once, not only will you sing, dance and cheer with the film’s astounding tunes, but you’ll also experience one of the best abstract love stories ever presented in cinema.


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