5 Exceptional Movie Villains That Overshadowed The Protagonist

1 year ago By Marwan Omar


Great movies are often based on the ardent opposition between its characters, and due to the usual conventionality of protagonists, it’s said that a movie is as good as its antagonist. So if you’re sick of the typical villain character (and who of us isn’t?), here are five mesmerizing movie villains who were so good that they overshadowed their films’ righteous protagonists.


1- The Joker – The Dark Knight

Usually, innovation in superhero movies is quite limited, due to the inevitable immortality of the film’s hero, who’s obliged to conquer the evilness so as to pave the road for further sequels. However, Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight managed to break the habit through its refined depiction of the Joker’s character, which established new norms for scripting a memorable antagonist with plenty of quotable lines.


2- Sergeant Hartman – Full Metal Jacket

Despite its unglamorous cast, it’s fair to consider Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket among the finest war productions ever made. Via its authentic atmospheres, the 1987’s feature retained its charm through the years, but it was Sergeant Hartman’s character that turned this film into an absolute classic. Although his moments were infused with bitterness, you’ll find yourself craving his on-screen presence throughout the runtime.


3- Annie Wilkes – Misery

Keen readers are said to be of great enlightenment and wisdom, but things can get surreal for the over-obsessive ones, as was the case with Annie Wilkes, who turned the life of her favorite novelist into a living hell. Watching her reckless doings will give you the chills, but you’ll have a hard time finding any comparable female antagonists who were the sole attention grabbers in their movies, which is why she’s definitely worth the watch.


4- Norman Bates – Psycho

Not only did Psycho revolutionize the setup of psychological plots, but it also set new standards for structuring complex villains through the portrayal of Norman Bates. Back in the black and white days, it was traumatizing for audiences to witness such veiled evilness, which dwarfed every other character in the film. Additionally, Bates’ depiction impacted and influenced other psychological movies since Psycho’s release in 1960.


5- Anton Chigurh – No Country For Old Men

With his appalling appearance and villainous kills, Anton Chigurh from 2007’s No Country From Old Men is certainly the most evil and most compelling antagonist on the list. His odd character blended relative calmness with extreme madness, which yielded an unparalleled meld that benefited from the film’s lack of music to deliver a riveting performance.          

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