5 Golden Tips For Maintaining A Healthy, Long-Lasting Diet

1 year ago By Marwan Omar


As per the usual seasonal habits, winter’s commencement is usually accompanied by people’s intentions to maintain a healthy diet so as not to gain winter weight and to be ready come summer. However their enthusiastic intentions are often obstructed by the matter of consistency, so we’ve come to the rescue with 5 golden tips to maintain a fruitful long-lasting regime throughout the upcoming season.   


1- Cook Your Own Food

Whether you’re a student or a working adult, your outside-of-home responsibilities most probably force you to seek fast food to indulge your starving belly. While some people consider this a practical solution, your body certainly doesn’t categorize it as such, due to the numerous deficiencies these meals encompass. To overcome this diet-sabotaging dilemma, it’s advisable to allocate some time in your day for preparing your own meals beforehand, to ensure that your daily bites lack any inadequacies.


2- Monitor Your Daily Calorie Intake  



When talking diet, calorie-related terminology becomes the norm. This is basically due to the importance of calories in one’s regime, whether they’re being burned or consumed. Thus it’s highly recommended to monitor your daily calorie intake and know your limits, and luckily, several online calculators are now available to inform you of the calories in each ingredient. Furthermore, other calculators can output the suitable number of calories you should eat daily, so make sure to make use of them as well.


3- Exercise On A Regular Basis



Exercising is indeed a crucial pillar in planning an effective diet. However, its integration may differ from one plan to another according to the aims of your regime. It’s definitely an efficient method to burn calories, but the intensity of the workouts is directly correlated with the amount of weight you plan on losing. So start with setting yourself some goals in order to figure out how frequently you need to hit the gym per week.   


4- Enjoy Your Free Day



Yes, you read that right. Maintaining a long-lasting diet isn’t possible if someone is deprived of his favorite eats, which is why you need to shamelessly enjoy your cheat day. In addition to that, the body itself advantages from this day because the fatty meals trick the body into boosting its fat-burning metabolism. This, however, isn’t encouragement to feast on kebda, ma7shy, kaware3, mombar, 3akawi and gollash all at once!


5- Measure Yourself Frequently



A few weeks down the road, the restrictions of your program might gradually erode your passion, and you’ll find yourself longing for motivation. Your scale might not be helping matters, and you just really need to see tangible results to boost your morale. That’s why you should make sure you measure yourself every couple of weeks — to see how far you’ve come, and how far you have yet to go, for motivation. 


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