5 Reasons Why The Egyptian Ahwa Is Better Than Any Cafe

1 year ago By Mina Samir


A café vs. ahwa comparison is popular nowadays, what with cafes recently trying to implement an ahwa-like atmosphere to attract more clients. Here are five reasons why you should always choose an ahwa:

1. Hospitality

It’s not so much about the money; a typical ahwa client wouldn’t mind paying the same amount he pays in a cafe, given that he finds the same hospitality and intimacy he feels in an ahwa. You don’t like that زبادي خلاط?  No problem, call the guy and he’ll get you another one with a smile on his face, like it’s his duty to serve you well. On the other hand, changing orders is not that easy at a cafe, and if you’re lucky the second one won’t be worse than the first one you called “horrible”.


2. Because food matters

Most cafes have a common problem: tasty drinks and terrible food, or good food with portions that are reasonable for a baby’s stomach. So probably next week, you’ll try another café and then another, until you give up and go for koshary. The good news is that an ahwa is usually surrounded by عربيات كبدة و سجق or burgers, hot dogs and crepes that’ll satisfy your growling stomach. Some ahwas even offer you sandwiches or cooperate with عربيات الاكل to the benefit of both; now that’s a true cooperative society.


3. It doesn’t just feel like home, IT IS HOME

When you go to a café, you obviously spend some time getting ready; at an ahwa, it’s normal to go with your slippers, your PJs and no, you won’t feel awkward, you’re at home. Furthermore, by the time you arrive, your order and دومينا are ready, just like when you go home after a long day and find that your beloved mom’s already prepared lunch for you, without asking.


4. No minimum charge

The minimum charge: everyone’s nightmare, especially with the recent crimes that broke out in the Heliopolis cafes. This isn’t done at an ahwa — you pay for what you drink (weekly, monthly, or not at all) unless there’s an important football match, in which case you have to pay the minimum charge, 5 EGP, an amount you’d pay as a tip at a café (and that’ll have the waiter swearing at you secretly, trust me).


5. No waiting list

You’re always welcome at an ahwa; no matter how crowded it seems, they find a way to get you chairs as we say “من تحت الارض”. On a Thursday night most cafes have a waiting list and you have to wait for hours to be seated.

On the other hand, although an ahwa is always busy, it’ll welcome you no matter what, even on the crowdest and busiest days… it’s never too busy “for you”.

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