6 Dazzling Movie Plot Twists That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

1 year ago By Marwan Omar


The essence of movies lies in their capability of constructing fictional worlds with mild layers of reality. They can be bright and infused with flowery scenery, or quirky and unsettling. So if straightforward setups aren’t your cup of tea, we bring you 6 movies with mind-blowing plot twists that’ll definitely mess with your head for some time.


1- Oldboy

Despite their minimal popularity, Korean films have always been known for melding uniqueness with quality. However, the release of 2003’s masterpiece Oldboy marked a turn for the better for their productions, attaining them abundant recognition as a result of the film’s profound proceedings and traumatic twist that you’ll have a hard time accepting. So make sure you catch the original flick and turn a blind eye to the disappointing American remake.


2- Shutter Island

After a long streak of acclaimed projects, 2010 witnessed director Martin Scorsese’s debut in psychological films with Shutter Island, and what a debut it was! Through its gloomy atmosphere and diligent acting performances, the film managed to brilliantly veil its major twist that, when unraveled, overwhelmed us and enriched this genre with new formats to build up a tense thriller.


3- Chinatown

There’s no doubt that the seventies were, indeed, the golden era of cinema due to the numerous stunners these years encompassed, including Jack Nicholson’s Chinatown. The 1974 Noir flick incorporated new aspects in the traditional opposition between good and evil, peaking in the ending chapter with a flabbergasting plot twist that surpassed plain jolts and unmemorable thrills to turn the film into an absolute classic.


4- Fight Club

Fight Club is often referred to as the phenomenal film of our generation. However, such time-transcending affection wouldn’t have been attainable if it wasn’t for the film’s mesmerizing twist towards the end, which was later iconized as a game changer to the structure of narrating.  


5- Gone Girl

David Fincher’s Gone Girl highlighted the hideous turns that a marriage could take, with much room for deception and trickery through a couple of pivotal twists that altered the plot’s flow and had us dazzled, which aided the film to top the productions of 2014. 

6- Arrival   

On their quest to acquire a manipulative nature, films usually lose their way and end up with some overcooked twists that lack the desired leverage. On the contrary and with utter subtlety, the latter chapter of 2016’s Arrival was a brilliant depiction of how simple yet riveting a plot twist can be, which is why this film is a must-see.


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