6 Easy Ways To Teach Yourself To Be Trilingual In Egypt

1 year ago By Mahmoud Warda


Want to work in a multinational company that requires 3 languages? Want to discover new cultures or just improve the basic French/German/Spanish skills you learned at school? We’ve gathered a few tips to learn any third language or to even just accelerate your learning pace, whether you’re a college student or an employee with a full-time job.


1. Mobile apps.


Let’s agree that we’re the luckiest generation to date, due to modern technology and the internet — they facilitate basically anything you need to do or anything you need to know. Whether you want to start learning a language from scratch or just want to brush up on the basics, mobile applications are the best and fastest way to learn. Nowadays a lot of people use apps rather than going to a language center and wasting their time on our lovely Egyptian streets to attend a boring session.

Another competitive advantage with mobile apps is that most of them have funny ways of teaching that make you enjoy your time learning. All you have to do is download the app on your cell phone, create an account and register for your wanted language. Their fees are cheaper than any language center and some, like Duolingo, are for free. Google “best mobile app for learning new languages” and choose the most suitable app for you. We recommend Babbel and Duolingo. 


2. Sticky notes.

Our brains are not electronic devices, hence we forget tons of stuff. Don’t be upset if you forget certain vocabulary because all it takes are sticky notes to resolve this issue. Go to any bookstore, buy colored sticky notes, write foreign vocab and their translation on them and stick them on different objects in your room, your office, your car, etc.


3. Change the language on your cell phone.


It’s a bit hard in the beginning but still a good idea so as to learn faster. When you don’t understand a word on your phone you can immediately search for it in the dictionary; this way you’ll learn certain words faster.


4. Renaming people


Change your family and friends’ names on your phone. For example, instead of saving your mother as “Mom” or “Mommy”,  you can name her “ma mére “ or “mi madre”; your cousin can be saved as “primo” or “prima” instead of his/her name.


5. Listen to music that belongs to that language

You have two kinds of music that can help: 

a) Educational music


Go to Youtube and search for “Spanish songs or French songs for beginners”, and you’ll find lots of videos ranging from 3 to 5 minutes. Now take the video URL and put it in a Youtube converter and download the music; you can listen to it in the car while driving or enjoy it in traffic.

Youtube converter : https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/mp3-converter


b) Normal music

You can listen to a singer of the country in which you’re learning its language; for example if you’re learning Spanish you can listen to J. Balvin (one of the most famous singers in Hispanic countries) or even the Spanish music of Enrique Iglesias.

If you’re learning French you can listen to the amazing Indila or the Belgian singer Stromae.


6. Have conversations with foreign people


To meet and converse with foreign people you have two options: you can either try to use websites and mobile apps or go to an educational center of an embassy whose people speak the same language. For instance if you want to speak French with native French people you can visit “L’institut francais d’Egypt “ in Al Mounira or Heliopolis.

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