6 Great Egypt Travel Vlogs Created by Tourists

1 year ago By Konafa Team

We frequently see the #ThisisEgypt content released by the Tourism Board, but that’s by Egyptians for tourists. But what about what tourists themselves actually experience? Here are some of our favorite vloggers: 


1. 48 Hours in Egypt by What Doesn’t Suck

This couple actually got engaged by the Pyramids!


2. Trip To Another World by Travellight

This is just one of this vlogger’s Egypt videos, spanning the month she spent in Egypt.


3. This Is The Real Egypt 2017 by Indigo Traveller 

Watch Nick’s series of vlogs all over Egypt, from skateboarding on 6th of October bridge (!!) to swimming with dolphins in Hurghada. The above video is just a montage of some of the best moments during the his trip, but make sure to watch the whole series. He depicts a very real Egypt, and you’ll see what we mean when you watch his other episodes.


4. Welcome to Cairo by Gunnarolla

Gunnarolla’s episodes in Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, Aswan and Abu Simbel are all fun and make you wish that you were actually friends with him. 


5. We Are in Egypt! by DiegoVista

What we like about Diego’s vlogs is that he’s not afraid to show both the great things about Egypt, and the not-so-great (being kicked out of a Zamalek cafe for filming the Nile). It gives that much more credibility to his vlogs — if he says he enjoyed something in Cairo, that means he enjoyed it.


6. 10 Things to Know Before Coming to Egypt by Coffee With A Slice of Life

A female vlogger who travelled in Egypt solo gives her two cents about the country.


*Thumbnail image credit: Suzie Agelopoulos.

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