6 Oscar Snubs That Had Every Cinephile Burst Into Flames

9 months ago By Marwan Omar


To all movie enthusiasts, March is a fervently anticipated month as it marks the commencement of the Academy Awards season, where they get to feast their eyes on the ceremonial atmospheres of the Oscars. Nevertheless, the outcomes of the night can sometimes be quite controversial, especially when the Academy turns a blind eye to mesmerizing productions to honor other less-acclaimed films. Thus, we scope 6 remarkable Oscar snubs that managed to enrage all cinemaholics to the extent of bursting into flames.


1- The Social Network

Snubs at the Oscars

With Leonardo Di Caprio’s jaw-dropping Inception, Natalie Portman’s melodramatic Black Swan and James Franco’s inspirational 127 Hours, 2010 was, indeed, an exceptional year for the film industry. However, it was Jesse Eisenberg’s The Social Network that scored the widest acclaims. This resulted in utter disappointment during 2011’s Oscars when the Academy honored the political flick The King’s Speech with the Best Picture Award, favoring it over the cinematic depiction of Facebook’s evolution.


2- The Big Lebowski

Snubs at the Oscars

The nineties’ era is considered the most fruitful interval for Hollywood’s cinema as it supervised the production of several time-transcending masterpieces. Such classics were topped by the distinguished comedy The Big Lebwoski. Despite being categorized as one of the best crime comedies ever made, the 1998 film surprisingly failed to attain the 1999 Academy’s recognition, which marked a remarkably odd incident in the history of the renowned award.


3- Once Upon a Time in America

Snubs at the Oscars

Despite his limited filmography that only encompasses 7 movies, director Sergio Leone has worked his magic in his few yet significant productions that contributed in shaping the modern structure of films. It was definitely odd from the Academy to not have him nominated for his diligence in the Dollars trilogy and Once Upon a Time in the West. On the other hand, ignoring the excellence he depicted in 1984’s four hour film Once Upon a Time in America surely takes the cake!      


4- Saving Private Ryan

Snubs at the Oscars

It’s fair to categorize Tom Hanks’ Saving Private Ryan amongst the best war films ever made, and that crowned its creators with a handful of awards in the Golden Globes, the BAFTA and the Oscars as well. However, the Academy’s verdict of favoring Shakespeare in Love over Spielberg’s classic for the Best Picture Award in 1999 remains, in the eyes of the masses, the most enraging snub of all time.


5- Goodfellas

Snubs at the Oscars

Numerous filmmakers have tried to center their plots on mobsters and the tales of Italian Mafia. However, only a few have managed to pull it off the way Martin Scorsese did in his 1990’s Goodfellas. This movie remains the trademark of the genre till this very day. Although the film portrayed sheer excellence in the artistic and technical aspects, the Academy sided with Kevin Costner’s Western Dances with the Wolves, awarding it 1991’s Best Picture Award and took all movie enthusiasts by surprise back in the day.         


6- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Snubs at the Oscars

The state-of-the-art standards of last year’s productions brought about joy for all moviegoers, but it was Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri that shined the most among movies in 2017. According to most critics, it was favored to win the Best Picture award last night, but surprisingly, the Academy chose to grant the honor to the controversial movie The Shape Of Water, which had the masses burst into flames on social media.

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