6 Overwhelming Movie Soundtracks You Need On Your Playlist

1 year ago By Marwan Omar


As a substantial cinematic pillar, music has been capable of depicting meaning that scripted words fail to properly address. We’re highlighting six compelling movie soundtracks that’ll spice up your playlist with some ecstatic vibes, so get ready to fall in love!


1- Once Upon A Time In America


Being a relatively old flick with 4-hour runtime may encourage the majority to turn a blind eye and seek other 90 minute movies to accompany their weekend’s intake of nachos and tacos. But what they’d miss in the thrill of Mexican snacks is an all-time classic with an exceptionally captivating soundtrack that instantly gets under one’s skin.


2- Sympathy For Lady Vengeance


Unfortunately stereotypes have significantly impacted how we picture the outside world; hence the masses believing that Asian cinema has nothing to display but a bunch of rice farmers and insect eaters. Consequently, such falsehoods have repeatedly stood in the way of our recognition of their art, which peaked in 2005’s Sympathy For Lady Vengeance. Not only did the Korean movie portray visual excellence, but it also featured a distinctive auditory personality through a musical score that went beyond all cultural differences. 


3- Amelie

If any film truly embodies French art, it’d definitely be Amelie. Through its plot, the 2001 feature imbibes liveliness and joy that extends beyond its frames to its exceptional soundtrack. Once the music kicks in, it automatically relocates its recipients to the very French neighborhoods where narrow, sunny alleys embrace accordion tunes in ultimate joie de vivre.


4- The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

While all Western productions frequently express their affection for dusty cowboys and chaotic combat, one film shines the brightest amongst the mainstream. With a musical theme that will keep you quietly humming to yourself, Clint Eastwood’s The Good, The Bad and The Ugly manifests the best of the genre, excelled by its vintage yet igniting soundtrack.


5- Gladiator

It was in the year 2000 when the best ancient Rome feature to date saw the light of day. Despite the fact that its dialogue was in English even though its a Roman story, the film enriched the chronicles of cinema with a great plot, outstanding acting and an iconic score that had us tearing up at one of the most touching end sequences ever presented. So if you’re up for an A-class emotional experience, this one is your pick!


6- The Dark Knight Trilogy


Back in the day, creating a superhero movie was all about targeting a young demographic, who only demanded extensive visual effects, loud action sequences and cool gadgets. This orientation remained intact until The Dark Knight series emerged to mature the standards of the genre, acquiring abundant adult fans. Over a seven year period, the pioneering trilogy remained innovative with its unique gloomy atmosphere, layered characters and most of all, music that sustained an intimidating mood throughout the sequels. 

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