6 Riveting Child Performances That Prove Age Is Just A Number

11 months ago By Marwan Omar


On an annual basis, movies tend to enrich the chronicles of the film industry with the astonishing acting performances they encompass. These performances are often met with plentiful recognition and acclaim, but little do we notice children awarded such honors. Thus, we’re shedding light on six riveting children who brilliantly utilized their cinematic appearances to depict memorable performances and make it evident that age really is just a number.


1- Danny Lloyd – The Shining

Although most of his on-screen minutes were shared with the mighty-at-the-time Jack Nicholson, Danny Lloyd’s performance in 1980’s horror classic The Shining was, indeed, as good as a child’s role gets. Through his appearances, the 7-year-old kid managed to steal the show from the film’s stars, equipped with plenty of creepy sequences, which turned his character into an iconic figure amidst horror films.


2- Jacob Tremblay – Room

Usually, films that are set in a sole location either promise a unique experience or they’re just dull, and luckily, Room was the former thanks to the embodiments of Brie Larson and the astonishing Jacob Tremblay. The proceedings of his character were quite riveting and his rich role had us all emotional, which profoundly spoke of his potential talent that will hopefully yield a distinguished star in the future.


3- Drew Barrymore – E.T.

You might be familiar with Drew Barrymore’s later projects, but what probably flew under your radar is her cinematic debut at the age of 7 in Steven Spielberg’s E.T. The 1982 flick provided the audience’s first encounter with Barrymore, which went extremely well for the young actress, whose lovable charm mesmerized the viewers back then, and boosted her quest to be America’s sweetheart a few years down the road.  


4- Haley Joel Osment – The Sixth Sense

Most children’s appearances in movies feature abundant innocence. However, they were occasionally utilized as deceptive factors, as was the case with Haley Joel Osment in 1999’s The Sixth Sense. Through his interactions with Bruce Willis, he brilliantly managed to veil the film’s jaw-dropping twist that, when unraveled, had us all dazzled and bewildered. Such excellence got Osment an Oscar nomination to neighbor the very few youngsters who attained such an achievement.   


5- Macaulay Culkin – Home Alone

It was in 1990 when Hollywood yielded our all-time favorite Christmas flick Home Alone, starring Macaulay Culkin at the age of 10. Not only was his character likeable and funny, but he also possessed so much empathy and wisdom that he was iconized by an entire generation of youngsters, who aged watching this time-transcending film and cherishing their childhood idol.


6- Mackenzie Foy – Interstellar

Sci-fi isn’t usually fertile ground when it comes to acting performances. Nevertheless, the excellence of 2014’s Interstellar broke the mold with its A-Class personifications from all its actors, including the young Mackenzie Foy. Her portrayal of the role was quite remarkable and her acting abilities were surely a key player in the ultimate success of this sci-fi masterpiece.


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