7 Beach Weekends Which Are Perfect for Fall in Egypt


Leila Tapozada

8 months  ago


Sahel season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to throw your swimsuit into the back of your closet just yet. Simply shift from the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and you get another month or so of hardcore beach time.

The following beaches are still warm and swimmable from September through to early November (and even later if you’re not averse to cold water). They’re sunny during the day but can get a bit chilly at night, so make sure to throw a sweatshirt into your trusty beach bag.


1. Ras Sudr


soul kitesurfing in ras sedr
Credit: Soul Kitesurfing Center


Where to stay: La Hacienda Hotel (home of kitesurf center Soul), Matarma Bay, Bayside

Drive time: 3 hours

What started as a kitesurfing haven quickly turned more mainstream when non-kitesurfers found out about Ras Sudr’s great beach and chill, laidback vibe. The main places to stay all offer simple but comfortable rooms right on the beach, and you have access to a main hut and restaurant. Ras Sudr is definitely not a place where you need to pack your heels or expensive watch – the only nightlife available are people chilling and listening to music on the beach or in the main hut.


 2. Ain El Sokhna


ain el sokhna movenpick pool and beach
Credit: Booking.com


Where to stay: Movenpick, Jaz, Stella di Mare Hotel, Airbnb

Drive time: 2 hours

Ain el Sokhna is always a good standby, especially if you have a place there or can stay at a friend’s. If you don’t, there are plenty of hotels (sometimes they get pricy though) and Airbnb is really picking up over there. Fall and spring are actually Ain el Sokhna’s “high” seasons – in the summer the weather and water are just too hot.


 3. Sahl Hasheesh


oberoi hotel sahl hasheesh
Credit: Oberoi Hotels


Where to stay: Oberoi Sahl Hasheesh, Baron, Old Palace

Drive time: 4.5 – 5.5 hours

What used to be known solely as a romantic honeymoon spot, Sahl Hasheesh (about 18 km from Hurghada Airport) has picked up when it comes to offering a myriad of activities for all types of people. It’s a great spot for snorkeling and diving, and there’s even an artificial sunken city that was constructed under the water which attracts a lot of aquatic life and is fun to explore.


4. Dahab


dahab beach shams hotel
Credit: Dahab.Travel


Where to stay: Paradise Dahab, Shams Hotel, Tropitel Dahab

Drive time: 6-7 hours

Dahab is a diver’s paradise, but even the non-diver will have fun. It’s a pretty long drive, so I’d suggest saving Dahab for a long weekend (6th of October weekend, anyone?). Besides The Blue Hole (which is amazing for both divers and casual swimmers alike), there are mountain safaris, ATV off-roading and a long seaside promenade of bohemian restaurants and bars.


5. El Gouna


Steigenberger hotel el gouna
Credit: El Gouna


Where to stay: the hotels on the marina, Steigenberger

Drive time: 4-5 hours

Like Paris, El Gouna is always a good idea. The beaches might not be the best, but they deliver in everything else: restaurants, beach bars, nightlife… In October you can still get a great tan lying out by the pool (either your hotel’s or Club 88/The Clubhouse) or at one of the beach clubs. Here are some ideas of how to enjoy Gouna even when you’re on a budget.


6. Ras Shitan


ras shitan camps beach
Credit: Pinterest


Where to stay: everyone has their own favorite camp

Drive time: 5-6 hours

If you haven’t been to Ras Shitan before, you’re missing out on an experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Egypt. On the stretch of seaside land between Taba and Nuweiba are numerous beach camps, usually run by the Bedouins in the area. In the camps you can either stay in a very primitive beach hut, or even pitch your own tent and camp. It’s a great way to get back to the basics in life and disconnect from the real world.


7. Soma Bay


Where to stay: Kempinski, Sheraton, Westin

Drive time: 5-6 hours

If you’re looking for a 5 star beach resort vacation, look no further than Soma Bay. It’s a place to unwind and just enjoy the beach, but in the lap of luxury (basically it’s the polar opposite of Ras Shitan). Think golf courses, water sports, spas and fancy pools and Jacuzzis. If you’re willing to continue with the splurge and don’t want to drive, you can fly into Hurghada Airport (Soma Bay is 45 km away).


Happy fall beaching!



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