7 RiseUp Summit Sessions Every Egyptian Entrepreneur Should Attend This Year

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Are you an entrepreneur? Working at a startup? Or maybe just thinking of quitting your corporate job and trying something of your own? If you’re any of those, or hell, just someone who’s interested in the startup world of the Middle East, then the Riseup Summit 2017 should be on your calendar this December, underlined and circled in red. 

What exactly is Riseup?

Riseup, in a nutshell, connects startups to the most relevant resources worldwide. They do this through their 3 day summit, which brings together “thought leaders, media mavens, tech-legends and power player investors to share their experience, support and invest in the Middle East & Africa’s flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem. From workshops, inspiring talks, and panel discussions to startup stations, pitch competitions, and networking platforms with industry experts.” 

They also have a digital space called Connect where users can join a community of entrepreneurs, investors, brands and mentors to mutually share their experience and exchange information.

RiseUp Summit 2017

This year the summit is being held on December 1st-3rd at the Greek Campus, and obviously anyone interested in the startup world should attend all 3 days, which are jam-packed with useful sessions. But if you’re hard-pressed for time, we gathered 9 essential sessions that all Egyptian entrepreneurs should attend.

1. To Bootstrap Or Not To Bootstrap

When: December 1st, 1 pm


  • Annie Wang (President at Senvol)
  • Amir Allam (Founder and CEO of Elmenus)
  • Amr Saleh (Co-founder at Integreight) 
  • Marie-Therese Fam (Managing Partner at Flat6Labs Cairo)

Description: To bootstrap is to run with minimal financial resources. Come listen to CEOs from Egypt and the US who not only survived but grew their business without early investment, and listen to the arguments for and against bootstrapping as a strategy.


2. Arabic Content Creation

When: December 1st, 1:30 pm


  • Wael Attili (Creative Founder at Kharabeesh)
  • Nour Al-Hassan (CEO at Tarjama)
  • Mohamed El Bassiouni (Co-founder at Tayarah)

Description: Wanna know a secret that’s not-so-secret? The primary language of the internet is English. Which is awesome… if you speak English. What about Arabic, the fifth most spoken language in the world, you ask? Arabic only makes up 3% of online content. Let that one sink in. Arabic content creators and enablers share thought about the opportunities and challenges inherently present in creating Arabic content, which variables need to be considered, how to create compelling content, and how we can hold onto our language in world of increasing globalization.


3. Hunting Heads – Attracting Executive Talent To Your Startup

When: December 1st, 4 pm


  • Tarek Assaad (Managing Partner at Algebra Ventures)
  • Ameer Sherif (Co-founder and CEO at Basharsoft)
  • Abdellatif Waked (General Manager at Uber)

Description: As startups grow and receive funding, attracting talent from the market becomes of paramount importance. What causes accomplished managers from multinationals or established local companies to leave their corporate environments and join startups? What are the tools a startup can use to attract this talent? How do they best utilize equity? What are some pitfalls to watch out for?


4. The Future Is Female And #WomenofMENA Will Lead The Way

When: December 2nd, 10:30 am


  • Elissa Freiha

Description: Did you know that the Middle East beats The West in nearly every major gender metric in entrepreneurship? How is that possible when in the eyes of the rest of the world we are a region full of repressed and oppressed women? Well, to those of us from this part of the world, it comes as no surprise that we have some of the loudest, strongest and most driven women on the planet and now they’re deciding to focus their bad-assery on business. Begad! We have had a long history of Bossladies in the Middle East, and if the future is female, then we will be right at the forefront.


5. How To Achieve A Higher Valuation For Your Business

When: December 2nd, 11 am


  • Chris Neumann (Venture Partner at 500 Startups)
  • Khalid Shadid (Founder and CEO at Reserveout)
  • Omar Ramadan (Founder at FilKhedma)
  • Karim Hussein (Managing Partner at Algebra Ventures)
  • Angela Lee (Founder at 37 Angels)


6. Ding, Ding! Thinking About Your Next Round

When: December 3rd, 10 am


  • Mona Ataya (Founder and CEO at Mumzworld)
  • Ziad Mokhtar (Managing Partner at Algebra Ventures)
  • Khaled Talhouni (Managing Partner at Wamda)
  • Kunal Kapoor (Founder and Managing Director at The Luxury Closet)

Description: Startup? Check. Investors? Double check. Seed round? Triple check. So… when and how do you think about the next round?


7. Path To Exit

When: December 3rd, 12 pm


  • Heather Henyon (Venture Investor and Advisor at Balthazar Capital)
  • Sharif El-Badawi (Partner at 500 Startups)
  • Tarek Fahim (Managing Partner at Endure Capital)

Description: You’ve founded a start-up. Great. Now what? When raising funds for your start-up, knowing how much to raise, under which terms and the right financing structure can get very confusing very quickly. In Path to Exit, Investors share their views on SAFEs, Convertible Notes, and priced equity rounds. Hungry for more? They also discuss discerning amounts you should sell your business off at, seed and venture rounds; valuation and how to set a cap; funding through exit; value of ESOP; and the importance of a fully diluted capitalization table.


Beyond these 7 sessions, there are tons more, so make sure you check out their full agenda at Riseup Summit.

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