7 Soup Spots In Cairo Guaranteed To Warm You Up

7 months ago By Konafa Team


It’s cold out. And when it’s cold we crave foods that are warm and comforting, and what comprises both those things more than soup? And while most restaurants have at least one or two soup options on their menu, they’re usually half-hearted and vaguely meh. These following places though have soup worth going expressly for, so order a bowl and enjoy.


1. Abou Sid

Credit: Bazaar Magazine

If you’re in the mood for old-school Egyptian classics like lentil soup or orzo (lesan asfour) soup, look no further. They’re both surprisingly light (yes, even the lentil soup!) but filling. They also have كوارع (knuckles soup) if that’s your jam. 


2. Crave

To us, Crave means comfort food, and that includes their hearty soups. They offer chicken soup, mushroom soup, onion soup, tomato soup and vegetable lentil. 


3. Il Loft

Il Loft is a newish restaurant that opened both in 6th of October City and New Cairo. They offer a couple of different soups than the usual, like Tom Yum soup (hot & sour) and Tom Kha Gai (Thai chicken & coconut soup). They also have tomato and mushroom. 


4. Casper & Gambini’s

On C&G’s menu, you’ll find wild mushroom soup, tomato and basil soup, homestyle lentil, carrot ginger, and chicken miso (pictured above), which is chicken in a fresh vegetable broth with egg noodles and Japanese miso broth, served with garlic croutons.


5. One Oak

Credit: elmenus.com

One Oak may be known for its steak and sushi, but don’t let that distract you from their soup selections. They have: suimono soup (clear seafood), seafood chowder, miso soup and Thai shrimp coconut soup.


6. Le Pacha 1901

Credit: Foursquare

The good thing about Le Pacha is that the boat has a handful of different restaurants, so no matter what kind of soup you’re in the mood for, you’ll probably find it in one of their restaurants. They have: French onion soup, Tom Yum shrimp, Tom Yum chicken, hot & sour shrimp, chicken & sweet corn, minestrone, cream of mushroom, cream of chicken, Chicken Jahangiri (Indian), orzo soup, oxtail soup, and even more. 


7. Peking

Ah, Peking, a favorite from our childhood and adolescence (until now, actually). Here are some of their classic soups: Peking (chicken & mushroom), broccoli & mushroom, sweet corn & chicken, chicken hot & sour, seafood, Hong Kong (spicy prawns) and chicken jalapeno soup. 


Konafa bonus: Try Lucille’s on Tuesdays for their cream of potato soup.

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