7 Ways To Work Out At Home For Free


Reem El Desouky

8 months  ago


Now since summer’s almost over and beach bodies are soon to be buried under layers of garments, gym rats might start migrating away from their regular habitats. Swimsuit body or not, it’s always important to stay fit and active in hopes that we’ll age gracefully… or at least spend our 20s with more energy than a Zootopia sloth. Don’t have the time or budget for a good gym? Be your own trainer and follow the workout that suits you most:


  1. 1. Hassan Gabr

تمرين للجسم كله

في حلقة النهاردة جايبينلكم تمرين هيشغل عضلات كتير في جسمكم. إتفرجوا علي الحلقة ومستنيين نشوف كل واحد السكور بتاعه هيكون كام! تابعونا على قناتنا على يوتيوب: https://goo.gl/kKHM77#A2Fit

Posted by ‎Hassan Gabr – حسن جبر‎ on Thursday, 22 June 2017


Fitness and health tips with Hassan Gabr.


  1. 2. Popsugar Fitness

Various kinds of workouts to suit everyone: easy exercises for beginners, longer ones for the more advanced, pilates, fun dance moves to burn calories, etc…


  1. 3. Fitness Blender

For those interested in cardio, fitness and HIIT.


  1. 4. Yoga with Adriene

Who knew there were so many ways to do yoga? Yoga for seniors, yoga for anxiety, yoga for migraines… everything!


  1. 5. BeFit

One of the most popular fitness platform, BeFit always has something for everyone.


  1. 6. ICON

Simple and easy workouts for beginners or if you’re not that into working out.


  1. 7. XHIT Daily

More cardio and toning workouts.



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