9 Boutique Hotels You Should Try At Least Once in Egypt


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4 months  ago


For starters, what exactly constitutes a “boutique” hotel? A boutique hotel is smaller than the usual hotel chains (can be as small as 10 rooms), and usually has unique style and design. Whereas a room in the Hilton and a room in the Sofitel aren’t going to differ much, most boutique hotels have their own individual flavor. But just a heads up — just because a boutique hotel is small, does NOT mean it’s necessarily cheap. Many are very upscale and very guest-oriented. 

Here are a few you try, whether you’re looking for a vacation outside of Cairo or just a staycation. Prices are based on averages provided by Trip Advisor. 


1. Lazib Inn Resort & Spa

Credit: Booking.com

Location: Fayoum

Touted as an “Egyptian escape”, this boutique hotel on Qaroun Lake is great for a weekend getaway, complete with Swiss-quality service. 

Average price a night: 3500 – 4000 EGP per room

Credit: Lazib Inn


2. Villa Belle Époque

Credit: i-escape.com

Location: Maadi, Cairo

Hidden on a tiny street in Maadi, this little hotel is an oasis of green and quiet in the city. 

Average price a night: 4000 – 5000 EGP per room

Credit: Booking.com


3. Le Riad De Charme

Credit: Expedia

Location: Old Cairo 

Found in the heart of Old Cairo on Muez El Din street. The rooms are all Arabian and North African inspired.

Average price a night: Currently closed for renovation, so not sure what their new prices will be. 

Credit: Trip Advisor


4. Al Moudira

Credit: Egypt Tours

Location: Luxor

Think Arabesque and Ancient Egyptian luxury. Al Moudira is especially loved for its restaurant and the courtyard pool to shake Luxor’s heat.

Average price per night: 4800 – 5500 EGP per room

Credit: Booking.com


5. Longchamps Hotel

Credit: Flyin

Location: Zamalek, Cairo

This little hotel sits atop a building in Zamalek, and has a large green terrace that’s particularly appreciated by guests. Not fancy but they’ll take care of you.

Average price per night: 1500 EGP per room

Credit: Longchamps


6. Talisman Hotel

Credit: Flickr

Location: Downtown, Cairo

The sister hotel of Le Riad, Talisman claims to be Egypt’s first boutique hotel. This little hotel isn’t luxurious, but it’s homey.

Average price per night: 1600 EGP per room

Credit: i-escape.com


7. Anakato

Credit: hotels.com

Location: Aswan

A little boutique hotel in the form of Nubian houses on the riverbank. Not luxurious, but clean and authentic. 

Average price per night: 1000 – 1500 EGP per room (for Egyptians)

Credit: Expedia


8. Alf Leila

Credit: Booking.com

Location: Dahab

This little boutique hotel has only seven rooms, and each is decorated differently with its own theme. It’s a cosy and safe choice while in Dahab.

Average price per night: 6oo EGP per room

Credit: Alf Leila Boutique Hotel


9. La Maison Bleue

Credit: Booking.com

Location: El Gouna

A lap-of-luxury boutique hotel on the shores of Mangroovy beach. Perfect place for privacy and beautiful sea views.

Average price per night: 5250 EGP per night




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