9 Obscure Asian Restaurants In Maadi You Need To Try

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Maadi is fertile ground for tiny family-owned restaurants to pop up — the kind of restaurant that might not pay much for decor, but doesn’t skimp on flavor. A lot of these places are owned (or their kitchens are run) by Asians of different nationalities living in Cairo. Most of these places don’t look encouraging from the outside (or the inside for that matter), but we suggest you try them out for yourselves, you might be pleasantly surprised. 


1. Joy Luck

Credit: Elmenus

Cuisine: Chinese

This place looks like somewhere you’d never want to eat — unless you decide to be adventurous and take a leap of faith. The portions are big and wallet-friendly compared to other restaurants in Egypt, and they’ve slowly and surely started to develop a loyal fan following. Serves beer.

Try: the crispy duck

Address: 13 Road 233, Degla, Maadi


2. Kokio Chicken

Credit: Kokio Chicken

Cuisine: Korean

This restaurant is not only obscure, but extremely well hidden in Degla, Maadi. The interesting thing about this Korean place is that 90% of its menu is dedicated to fried chicken — spicy, soy fried, spring onion fried, garlic fried, available in wings, chicken tenders or fillet. Serves beer.

Try: the chicken feet if you’re brave

Address: 23 Road 232, Degla, Maadi


3. Dragon House

Credit: Trustious

Cuisine: Southeast Asian (Chinese, Thai, Indian)

This place has been around for 25 years and yet most people still don’t know about it. Dragon House is on the second floor of a building on Road 9, so while it’s on a conspicuous street, it’s not a conspicuous spot. Some nights they have an all-you-can-eat buffet, so try to find out when their next one is. Serves beer.

Try: the Chinese section of the menu, it comes higher rated than the Thai and Indian.

Address: 84 Road 9, Maadi


4. Pinoy

Credit: Pinoy

Cuisine: Filipino

When was the last time you had Filipino food? Unless you happened to be in the Philippines recently by any chance, we’re guessing the last time was on this side of never. Their menu has a lot of exciting options that sound totally unfamiliar and vary from the usual Asian dishes we’re used to seeing in Cairo. 

Try: the caldereta, a chicken/beef stew with potatoes, chilies and Filipino seasoning

Address: 47 Road 263, Maadi


5. Chinese Dumpling Restaurant

Credit: Elmenus

Cuisine: Chinese

This place is so hole-in-the-wall that it doesn’t even have a proper name. People refer to it as “the Chinese dumpling restaurant” or the “the dumpling place”. Its claim to fame is obviously its steamed and fried dumplings, but they also have other Chinese staples. Similar to Joy Luck, the restaurant itself is not encouraging-looking. Serves beer.

Try: the fried beef and cabbage dumplings.

Address: Road 233, Degla, Maadi


6. Gaya

Credit: Gaya

Cuisine: Korean

This place has been open in Maadi for years now and is appreciated for its authenticity and simplicity. The serve all sorts of Korean chicken, beef, tofu, noodle and pork dishes, and make sure to tell them if you don’t want your food spicy. 

Try: the kim bab, which are rice rolls with seaweed, crab sticks and vegetables.

Address: 41 Road 231, Degla, Maadi


7. Ho Chi Vietnamese Healthy Food

Credit: Ho Chi

Cuisine: Vietnamese

The restaurant name pretty much sums this place up — a Vietnamese restaurant that focuses on offering fresh and healthy dishes. They have a Vietnamese “build your own salad” menu, an array of pho (noodle soup) options, “Vietnamese pizza” and other classics like summer rolls. The restaurant is run by an Egyptian and Vietnamese couple, overlooking Road 9. 

Try: the pho

Address: 71, Road 9, Maadi


8. Genghis Khan

Credit: Genghis Khan

Cuisine: Chinese

This place is so authentic that you’ll be lucky to find an English or Arabic speaking person in the restaurant. Genghis Khan has a variety of different Chinese dishes, including lamb, which isn’t always found on Chinese menus. Serves beer.

Try: the Sichuan whole fish (pictured above), but only if *really* like spicy food.

Address: 3 Road 233, Degla, Maadi


9. Lan Yuan

Credit: Elmenus


Cuisine: Chinese

This place has been open for over 10 years, but most Maadi-ites don’t even know about it. It’s been consistently good over the years, hence why it still exists. Go for the usual Chinese classics and if you’re looking for a place with a bar (local alcohol).

Try: the Singapore noodles

Address: 84 Road 9, Maadi


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