9 Reasons to #AdoptDontShop in Egypt


Mona Bassel

5 months  ago


Pet adoption is simple: an animal needs a home (and some love), and you need some joy in your life, and you find each other –it’s a perfect match. And while opting for a Golden Retriever or Dalmatian sounds like loads of fun, it’s important to remember that balady animals deserve some love as well.

Whether you get a dog for 5,000 pounds or adopt one for absolutely nothing, they will still give you the same amount of love. So if you’re thinking about taking the leap and adding a new four-legged friend to your life, consider adopting a balady animal that’s bound to fill your life with joy –here’s why:


1. Pet shops and breeders make money out of selling living souls, so more often than not they abuse the poor creatures terribly and force them to keep giving birth in order to make more money. Shelters, on the other hand, don’t benefit financially and make sure to treat their animals lovingly.



2. Shelters are always rescuing animals from the street, which makes them overcrowded and less able to feed and care for their animals. When you adopt just one animal, you take a big burden off their shoulders.



3. Stray animals are usually treated horribly, so when you decide to adopt one and take it in, you’ll always know that you’ve saved an innocent soul from the cruel streets of Cairo.



4. All animals are adorable, whether it’s a German Shepherd or a balady. What difference does it make if they’re a different color or have shorter hair?



5. Stray animals are not neutured, so they keep mating and the epidemic just gets worse. If you adopt a stray and neuter it, you’ve already played a part in reducing the number of stray animals on the streets of Cairo.



6. Some shelters work on training their little guests, so you can get a dog that is already trained not to poop on your expensive carpet. But even if they do a few times, you know you’ll still love them.

Adopt one of those cuties here.


7. At a shelter, you can pick a buddy of any age or size, from chubby and huggable to tiny and playful. You can even visit them a few times before adopting to get one that suits your personality.



8. If your parents will throw a fit if you bring any pets home, you can always sponsor one at a shelter and keep visiting them regularly.



9. Most importantly, they will absolutely adore you for the rest of their lives.


If you’re interested in adopting, check out shelters like the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), HOPE – Egyptian Baladi Rescue and Rehabilitation and the Touch of Life Organization, or animal welfare groups like Maadi Animal Welfare or Dogs and Cats Adoption in Egypt.

Have you adopted a little cutie recently? Share your story and tell us all about it!




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