9 Signs That You’re Dating The Wrong Guy, As Told By A Guy

11 months ago By Amr Moussa


F*ckboys have the power to appear very promising in the beginning, but they usually can’t hide their true nature for too long. Don’t let yourself be blinded by love and try as much as you can to not to get too attached — it’ll cause you a ton of harm, so please, watch out!


Here’s a list of signs that he’s a f*ckboy:


men el awel ya salwa


1. When you ask him about his numerous female friends, he changes the subject or answers with “Don’t worry about them”.

This doesn’t mean he should never have female friends, but be aware that too much of anything might do some harm. F*ckboys mostly prefer not to offer any explanation for questions they’re not comfortable with.


2. He always gets mad when you’re upset with him, instead of taking the initiative to know the reason behind why you’re upset.

shayfeen el ghabawa

You should feel comfortable enough in your relationship to express how you feel without being afraid that the other person will turn the tables on you and make things even messier.


3. Your intuition will tell you he’s a f*ckboy.

adel emam

Deep down, you’ll be able to identify f*ckboy symptoms. When you’re dating someone, they should be excited for outings and places you’re going to together. Don’t be in a relationship in which sentences like “I’ll let you know when I’m free” are normally used instead of “I’m coming to pick you up right now”.


4. He’s emotionally and financially stingy.


You should never be with someone who isn’t generous — even if you’re only friends. And if the person you’re dating is emotionally stingy, he’ll never be able fulfill your needs.


5. He prioritizes his friends and prefers spending time with them over you.

adel emam friends


6. He doesn’t share his problems and prefers to be alone instead of talking to you.

He might not be sharing his problems with you because you’ll be overly worried, or maybe it’s one of those problems can’t really can’t be shared; him not talking to you is understandable in those cases. But if he’s not sharing his issues for some other reason, you should start reconsidering your relationship — communication and sharing is key. Calmly discuss with him why he doesn’t feel comfortable talking to you, before you make any decisions.


7. He looks at you like any normal human being. Choose someone who looks at you like Tormund looks at Brienne of Tarth!

The guy who gets to be with you should be happy and proud. They should look at you as if you’re someone special and incomparable — that’s the type of person you should be with.


8. They don’t want to be labeled and prefer to stay far away from any kind of commitment. 

Don’t believe in “more than friends, less than lovers”; this is just horseshit. When they’re not sure of their own feelings, or refuse to publicly commit, run away.


9. You’re not included in their big dreams.

Be with someone who appreciates you and factors you into his dreams for the future. That’s when you know the relationship is promising and that you’ll have the ability to grow together.

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