A Sustainable “Futuristic” Building Complex Is Being Built in Heliopolis

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Did you know that a 4.8 million square foot “smart” building complex is being built as we speak in Heliopolis? And not only that, but it’s built to be sustainable (partially powered by wind and solar energy) and relies heavily on its abundant greenery and “mega-trees”? What?!


Credit: Business Insider


Apparently, it’s true. Business Insider reported that this mega-project is called The Gate and was commissioned by Abraj Misr and designed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures. Construction started 3 years ago in 2014, and is scheduled to be finished in 2019. 

So what exactly is to be found in The Gate? 

  • 8 buildings will form the complex
  • The 8 buildings are connected by pedestrian bridges on their top floors
  • Playgrounds and gardens that grow their own fruits and vegetables
  • 1,000 “smart” luxury apartments with motion sensors that automatically adjust temperature and lighting when residents are at home
  • 3 floors of office space
  • An infinity swimming pool
  • 3-storey shopping mall with 4 levels of underground parking
  • 9 “mega-trees”, which are cylindrical living walls covered in greenery, which help natural ventilation and consume carbon dioxide
  • The buildings are partially powered by wind and solar energy


The Gate’s exterior. Credit: Business Insider


Vincent Callebaut is a Belgian architect known for his greenery-filled buildings. “The main objective behind this project is to raise awareness of green sustainable architecture to fight against global warming to maintain an eco-friendly Earth for our next generation,” Callebaut said.


Credit: Business Insider


Check out this video about the project by the World Economic Forum:

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Posted by World Economic Forum on Saturday, 18 November 2017

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