All 31 Egyptian Submissions For Best Foreign Film Oscar Since 1958


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5 months  ago


In a few short months, the Academy will be announcing its nominees for Best Foreign Language Film, and as most of us (hopefully all of us) know, this year’s official Egyptian entry is Sheikh Jackson (read our review here). 

And while Amr Salama’s movie has been getting a lot of buzz as Egypt’s official bid for the Oscar, it’s by no means the first. Egypt has been faithfully submitting films annually (with a few years’ exception) since 1958, but alas we have yet to make it to the nominations, let alone win. But Egypt’s made it the Oscars before, just not in the foreign language film category; Jehane Noujaim’s The Square was nominated in 2014 for Best Documentary Feature. Fingers crossed one of our movies will join the list of Egyptian Oscar nominees!

Here’s a look back at all our foreign film submissions since 1958:


1958 – Cairo Station / باب الحديد

Director: Youssef Chahine


1959 – The Nightingale’s Prayer / دعاء الكروان

Director: Henry Barakat


1960 – Teenagers / المراهقات

Director: Ahmed Diaaeddin


1961 – Love and Faith / وا إسلاماه

Director: Enrico Bomba, Andrew Martin


1962 – Chased By The Dogs / اللص والكلاب

Director: Kamal El Sheikh


1964 – Mother of the Bride / أم العروسة

Director: Atef Salem


1965 – The Impossible / المستحيل

Director: Hussein Kamal


1966 – Cairo 30 / 30 القاهرة

Director: Salah Abou Seif


1970 – The Night of Counting the Years / المومياء

Director: Shadi Abdel Salam


1971 – A Man and a Woman / امرأة و رجل

Director: Houssam Eddin Mostafa


1972 – My Wife and the Dog / زوجتي و الكلب

Director: Said Marzouk


1973 – Empire M / إمبراطورية ميم

Director: Hussein Kamal


1975 – I Want a Solution / أريد حلاً

Director: Said Marzouk


1976 – Whom Should We Shoot? / على من نطلق الرصاص

Director: Kamal El Sheikh


1979 – Alexandria… Why? / إسكندرية… ليه؟

Director: Youssef Chahine


1981 – People on the Top / أهل القمة

Director: Ali Badrakhan


1990 – Alexandria Again and Forever / اسكندرية كمان وكمان

Director: Youssef Chahine


1994 – Land of Dreams / أرض الاحلام

Director: Daoud Abdel Sayed


1997 – Destiny / المصير

Director: Youssef Chahine


2002 – The Secret of the Young Girl / أسرار البنات

Director: Magdy Ahmed Aly


2003 – Sleepless Nights / سهر الليالى

Director: Hany Khalifa


2004 – I Love The Cinema / بحب السيما

Director: Osama Fawzy


2006 – Yacoubian Building / عمارة يعقوبيان

Director: Marwan Hamed​


2007 – In The Heliopolis Flat / في شقة مصر الجديدة

Director: Mohamed Khan


2008 – The Island / الجزيرة

Director: Sherif Arafa


2010 – Messages From The Sea / رسائل بح

Director: Daoud Abdel Sayed


2011 – Lust / الشوق

Director: Khaled El Hagar


2013 –  Winter of Discontent / الشتا إللى فات

Director: Ibrahim El Batout


2014 – Factory Girl / فتاة المصنع

Director: Mohamed Khan


2016 – Clash / اشتباك

Director: Mohamed Diab


2017 – Sheikh Jackson / شيخ جاكسون

Director: Amr Salama




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