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You Can Now See The “Screaming Mummy” At Cairo Museum In Tahrir

10 months ago By Konafa Team

The ‘Screaming Mummy’, otherwise known as ‘Unknown Man E’, is now officially on display at Cairo Museum in Tahrir Square. It had previously been in the hidden display section of the museum, but was made public on February 4th, 2018 — and according to the Ministry of Antiquities, resulted in 20,000 new visits to the museum.

This mysterious mummy has stumped archaeologists since its discovery in 1886 in Deir el Bahri in Luxor — besides its anguished expression and bound hands and feet, the Screaming Mummy wasn’t traditionally mummified. Instead of removing the internal organs, embalming the body and wrapping it in white linen, the body was left out to dry and then wrapped in sheepskin, which was seen as ritually impure by Ancient Egyptians. Who exactly was this person and why was he buried this way?



According to The Independent, archeologists think they’re closer to solving the mystery after a DNA analysis. It’s a possibility that this mummy is Prince Pentawere, who was complicit in an assassination plot against his father Pharaoh Ramses III and sentenced to death by hanging. Marks around the mummy’s neck support death by hanging, although another theory circulating is that he committed suicide after being part of the plot. 

A papyrus scroll called The Harem Conspiracy spoke of a murder attempt on Rameses III, organized by his family, harem, servants, army and magician. 

Studies in 2012 on the corpse of Ramses III show that he indeed could’ve been killed by a knife to the throat. 


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