Egyptian Celebrities Whose Signature Hand Moves Are Just As Famous As They Are

10 months ago By Marwan Omar


Among all segments of society, celebrities remain the most compelling; igniting people’s eagerness to keep up with the smallest details of these beloved figures. But you don’t have to be a hardcore fan to be familiar with certain celebrities’ idiosyncrasies — like certain hand movements. Here are a few signature hand moves that have become just as known as the celebrities themselves.  


1- Medhat Shalaby

After he made a name for himself under the moniker Shalaboka, Medhat Shalaby became the modern-day godfather of TV sport shows. The improvised nature of his delivery has him spontaneously incorporating his sideward hand move frequently in his late-night speeches on football. 


2- Amr Diab

Amr Diab might have a distinguished 35-year discography, but in regards to his music videos, the 56-year-old artist has taken the significance of body language to a whole new ’emotional’ level by crossing his hands on his chest in all his melodic depictions.


3- Abu Treika

To the majority of the Egyptians, football represents the sole definition of sports. The fervent knack we have for this game had us admiring plenty of footballers, but only a few have managed to be as popular as the legendary Abu Treika, who, throughout his exceptional career, has kept unleashing festivities everywhere with his stunning goals that he always followed with his airplane celebration, which gave us the chills with every athletic triumph he attained.


4- Mohamed Mounir


Mohamed Mounir is, without a doubt, a pioneer and a key player in the evolution of Egyptian music. His uniqueness even transcended his songs to impact his live performances, where he got accustomed to positioning his right hand by his waist to give room for the left one to sway with the tunes.


5- Mamdouh Farag

Back in the late 2000s, the popularity of wrestling had gone through the roof among youngsters, who used to count down the days till Mamdouh Farag went live on TV to commentate on the latest WWE RAW and SmackDown contests. It’s true that he had a knack for sarcasm and amusing talks, but posing with his index finger pointing towards the camera was his distinct on-screen trait that’s crafted in our memories till this very day, despite his sorrowful death in 2014.

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