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9 months ago By Mahmoud Warda


As many of us know, Dahab distinguishes itself with its authentic restaurants, whether it’s pizza from Athanor or Ramez & Paola, or Russian food at Red Cat. But when it comes to Asian food, I highly recommend Box Meal. I spent five days in Dahab and I went to Box Meal three days in a row thanks to its menu and cool vibe. After getting to know the owner, he told us that he regularly travels to Asia every three months to buy the ingredients and spices in order to preserve the quality of food and the delicious taste.

Here are 5 must-trys at Box Meal:

1- Sweet & Sour Chicken

Review Box Meal Dahab

When the waiter served us the sweet & sour chicken served on a bed of noodles, I got a glimmer of hope in life. The presentation of the dish was very well done and the smell was delicious. The sauce was not too sweet nor too sour — the cook was able to find that happy medium.

2- Black Pepper Beef

Review Box Meal Dahab

Those who like spicy food will love this dish. Fresh beef is served with either rice and noodles (noodles recommended) in a special black pepper sauce tossed with fresh vegetables. The curious and genius fact here is that the pepper sauce has an aftertaste of ginger, which makes everything on the plate delicious. Do not forget to ask the waiter to bring some of their homemade chili sauce! Spicy lovers, I think you will be in heaven.

3- Chinese BBQ

Review Box Meal Dahab

Entering the Chinese kingdom, the Chinese BBQ is served in a wooden bowl with fresh chicken cooked with barbecue sauce, onions, carrots, garlic and butter. Again you have the option of choosing between rice and noodles. Don’t forget to ask for extra BBQ sauce!

4- Fried Ice Cream

Review Box Meal Dahab
I don’t know if you’ve tried fried ice cream before, but this one was very special. You can choose different types of ice cream like vanilla, chocolate or even matcha, which is ice cream made with green tea. Next, they fry the the ice cream and cover it with coconut, nuts and chocolate sauce. Exquisite.

5- Bunga Telang (Butterfly Tea)

Review Box Meal Dahab

There’s nothing better than finishing off a meal with a tasty cup of tea. You definitely have to try their Butterfly Tea, which has a different taste than our very own Arousa tea. This one is made from The Bunga Telang plant, and has many health benefits like lowering blood pressure and relieving back and bone pains.


Review Box Meal Dahab


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