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I don’t know about you, but Le Pacha 1901 has always been one of my very favorite dining destinations in Cairo for several reasons: 1) it’s been around forever and the quality has never waned; 2) it has a roster of restaurants to choose from, no matter what cuisine you’re in the mood for; and 3) it has a beautiful view of the Nile.

The latest addition to Le Pacha’s restaurants is Da Riccardo Pizzeria, which opened on the open-air deck above Johnny’s (now known as Le J.Z.). They have a wood-fired brick pizza oven and claim their recipes are traditional Tuscan. I’m vaguely skeptical about that but sure, why not.


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Even though Da Riccardo has been open for only a year (or less), the chairs and wall décor seemed somewhat dated and faded. But it’s nice enough if the weather is nice and you’re there for an hour or two, not more.

The menu is pretty direct and to the point – they have a few antipasti and salads, then all pizza. We got the burrata, which is a type of Italian cheese made of mozzarella and cream as an appetizer (basically a caprese salad with a different kind of cheese), and then pizza. The pizza’s ingredients were definitely fresh and within minutes of ordering it came straight out of the oven, with the cheese still bubbling. The crust is thin but bready at the same time, and while not one of the best pizzas of my life, it was definitely pretty good for Cairo.


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They serve alcohol and because we were there on a match day, they had set up screens and provided shisha from Carlo’s below (they usually don’t have shisha). It was actually a pretty good idea to go there for the match because we could have pizza, watch the match, have a drink, and enjoy the breeze.

In a nutshell: go if you’re in Zamalek and in the mood for pizza and don’t feel like dealing with Olivo’s reservation list.

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