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1 year ago By Konafa Team


On Road 7 in Maadi is the aptly-named Road 7 Pizza Bar. This little pizzeria is newly-opened (we’re talking just a couple of months) and claims to have the best pizza in Maadi, so we decided to go see what’s what.

They have an indoor restaurant, but we opted to sit in their cute outdoor section, with greenery wrapping around the tables, giving you some privacy from the street (there was also a really cute cat wandering about). 



It was empty when we went, so we felt like the waiters were really excited to serve us, which was pretty sweet. They brought us our menus right away, and seemed well-informed of the items when asked, as opposed to half of this city’s restaurant servers who just stare at you blankly before asking the kitchen.

Road 7 Pizza Bar offers starters, several pasta dishes, a variety of pizza, focaccia sandwiches and desserts. We ordered the Road 7 Bruschetta for a starter (marinated mushrooms, grilled peppers and sauteed onions on toasted bread).



We really enjoyed the bruschetta, and our only issue was that our pizza came out a few seconds later, so we became confused as to which we wanted to eat first. 



We ordered the Napoli pizza, which is olives, anchovies, capers, oregano and basil. The pizza came out fresh and hot and would’ve been a home run but for the small fact that we felt like the mozzarella was of the generic Domty variety as opposed to freshly-made. That aside, the pizza itself got 4 out of 5 konafas on on our konafa rating system. 

The menu also had intriguing items like the Mac Daddy pizza (mac & cheese and bacon on the pizza) and the upside down pizza, which we hadn’t seen elsewhere in Cairo, and are planning to go back to try.


Upside Down pizza. Credit: Road 7 Pizza Bar


In a nutshell: great service, cute outdoor space, good pizza. We hope this place manages to survive.



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