Your Guide To Winning Fake Arguments 101

11 months ago By Nabil Fawzy


Arguments are one of the world’s oldest battlefields, where humans have joyfully tasted victory, mourned losses and inevitably accepted the consequences. Your strategic arrangement of words, arsenal of clever statements and control of temper are nothing but basic weapons in the great battleground of words.

In order to become a debate master of destruction, one must first learn how to master the territory of fake arguments. Call it fake, mental illness, or even just training in the art of debate — these fake arguments with oneself will be essential practice for you before an upcoming *real* debate. It can even be after one, because you know that losing the battle is never losing the war. Here are some combat zones where you can actually fake-train yourself until you own it: 


Mirror in your room

Arguing with yourself in front of the mirror at home as a nice and easy start. True, it’s the easiest in terms of location, but you’re fighting a resilient foe… yourself!


Bathroom/shower/toilet seat


You are still at home (aka comfort zone), but the fake fight starts to get stinky and more aggressive. Bathrooms are great training for arguments that need you to use your voice.   



Alone in the car. Windows closed. Its you vs. the world. Everybody walking or driving is a target, and you are nailing every argument baby!



You would think that this is an easy one but no amigo. Fake arguments with yourself in bed teaches you how to not let fights ruin a primary desire, sleeping.



This is useful. Fake debating yourself now is time-limited. You have to learn to use short sentences, be accurate and keep your eye on the exit.



A good walk is said to have a relaxing effect on people. Walk with yourself through a fake argument. This is a good example for training yourself in reasonable and slower-paced arguments. 


Biting your nails

Your nerves are exploding. Your whole body is invested in the subject. It’s ok! Nails will grow back, but lost arguments won’t.

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