What NOT To Get Your Mom This Mother’s Day

4 months ago By Konafa Team

It can be tough thinking of a new and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift for your mom every year, we feel you. And everybody has different taste, etc., etc. But that aside, it seems like websites like Jumia and Souq.com are not only trying to make a buck this Mother’s Day (which is fine), but they’re also insulting our intelligence (which is not). Below you’ll find products which were actually pushed and recommended by Jumia and Souq for Mother’s Day, which seem to have the sole mission of ruining your mom’s day and making you look like a jackass. 

So whatever you do this Mother’s Day, ignore Jumia and Souq and DON’T get your mother the following.

1. A two-pack of Dettol. 

How on Earth is this a good Mother’s Day gift? You’re giving her disinfectant cleaning chemicals, albeit for a slightly cheaper price than at Seoudi. 


2. A cheap fruit plate.

Really doubt she’ll appreciate a generic and vaguely ugly fruit plate that costs 65 egp. 


3. Men’s clothes. 

Unless your mom is a 16-year-old male.


4. A basic thermos. 

Ain’t nothing basic ’bout your mama. 


5. This Pilates body sculpture thing.

Unless your mother specifically requests it, giving her any kind of body sculpture/trimmer/weight loss tool isn’t exactly conveying the warmest of messages.


6. A thermometer. 

يا ساتر يا رب


7. A water filter.

Why would somebody give a water filter as a gift to anyone, unless they were planning to roam the deserts for 40 days and 40 nights?


8. A water dispenser and ice box.

There seems to be a water theme going on. 


9. Mini bean bag puff.

This isn’t even a normal-sized bean bag chair — what exactly is your mother going to do with a mini one? Plus who is going to help her get on and off it?


10. A box fan.

There was also a ceiling fan in Souq’s list of potential Mother’s Day gifts.


11. Toilet paper. I feel like this should go without saying. Don’t get your mother toilet paper!

Ah, the best (worst) for last. Really? Toilet paper is a recommended Mother’s Day gift on Souq.com? What’s the matter with you people?


Bonus gift: 

This wasn’t on Jumia or Souq but this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

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