Re-Scripted: How The Dialogue in “500 Days of Summer” Should Have Gone

1 year ago By Amr Moussa


Don’t you just hate it when you remember fights you had with someone, and recall things that you could have said that would’ve made you feel so much better than you feel right now?

We’re tackling the movie “500 Days of Summer”, in which Tom was friendzoned and strongly abused. He couldn’t see it since he was deeply in love and wasn’t aware of the shit he was going through with her. My advice to you is to stay away from toxic relationships that f*ck you up eventually. This is how the conversations should have been in the movie.

Express your gratitude or anger freely:


When you’re told “You’re my best friend” by someone you love, don’t just accept it and feel free to fire back:


Don’t ask people to respect your stance on certain things when you don’t apply it in your own life.

Be with someone who is proud to have you and stay away from those who always give unnecessary excuses because after awhile he/she will run out of excuses and leave you without notice.

Just because you both like the same things doesn’t mean you’re soul mates.

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