Sports Anime You Should Watch If You’re A Captain Maged Fan

12 months ago By Tariq Fahmy


If you’re like us, raised in the Middle East and born in the late 80s/early 90s, then you probably grew up watching the cartoon best-known as Captain Tsubasa AKA Captain Maged. If you still enjoy this type of cartoon, better known as anime, then we’ll introduce you to five other sports anime that are definitely worth watching. They’ll get you just as pumped up as they got you back then.


Hajime no Ippo

Makunouchi Ippo is a high school kid who gets bullied all the time for being too nice. One day, Takamura Mamoru, a middle-weight boxing champion, noticed that Ippo was being attacked by the school bullies under a bridge and went to his rescue. Ippo then passed out, so Takamura took him to the boxing gym to recover. Ippo found inspiration in the gym and soon enough rose to find his way to the country’s lightweight championship.


One Outs

Toa Tokuchi is a 23-year-old street baseball player and a very smart gambler. What he basically does is play street baseball for money, and he never lost a game until he was faced with professional baseball player Hiromichi Kojima, who plays for the Lycoons. When Tokuchi lost, Kojima told him he’d give him a chance to play professional baseball with him, but on one condition — he gives up his gambling. They then strike an unusual deal. 


All out!!

Iwashimizu and Gion — one is a gentle giant, the other is short (two polar opposites, basically) who quickly become friends in high school after a bullying incident. Gion hates being teased for being short, so he decides to join the rugby team and drags Iwashimizu along with him.



Yes, you read the name right, Keijo with eight exclamation marks. This show goes out to all the perverts out there. Nozomo Kaminashi starts attending Keijo training school along with several other former judo students. Keijo is a sport which provides the answer to a life-long question: in an ultimate death match, who’d win, butt or boobs? Yes, that’s basically the show. Girls in bathing suits compete with their butts and boobs to find the real champion.


Yuri on Ice

So this one is for the ladies out there (and some guys). Yuri Katsuki is an ice skater who idolized Victor Nikiforov since his childhood, and started skating thanks to him. When he finally had the chance to compete professionally, he freaked out and came in last place. So he did one more performance to restore his self-confidence, and in that performance he copy-catted his idol Victor Nikiforov. His performance was taped and reached Victor, who was inspired and traveled all the way from Russia to Japan to tell Yuri that he’s willing to coach him.

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