The Real Names Of Our Favorite Arabic Cartoon Characters

10 months ago By Konafa Team


As we all know, most of the Arabic cartoons we grew up watching or reading (and continue to watch/read) are foreign cartoons that we adopted and made our own. Some of the characters’ real names you might know (بندق = Goofy), but some might have you stumped — عبقرينو, anyone?


Arabic name: زيزي

English name: Daisy Duck


Arabic name: كابتن ماجد

Japanese name: Tsubasa Ozora


Arabic name: عم دهب

English name: Scrooge McDuck


Arabic name: المعلم رشدان

English name: Master Splinter


Arabic names: لولو، سوسو، توتو

English names: Hewey, Dewey, Louie


Arabic name: نيسان

English name: April O’Neil


Arabic name: عبقرينو

English name: Gyro Gearloose


Arabic name: الساحرة سونيا

English name: Magica DeSpell


Arabic name: نبيل فوزي

English name: Clark Kent


Arabic name: بندق

English name: Goofy


Arabic names: صخر و شنخر

English names: Bebop and Rocksteady


Arabic name: بسام

Japanese name: Kojiro Hyuga


Arabic name: بطوط

English name: Donald Duck


Arabic name: شلبي سلوفان

English name: James P. Sullivan


English name: Bruce Wayne

Arabic name: صبحي

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