The Real Names Of Our Favorite Arabic Cartoon Characters

1 year ago By Konafa Team


As we all know, most of the Arabic cartoons we grew up watching or reading (and continue to watch/read) are foreign cartoons that we adopted and made our own. Some of the characters’ real names you might know (بندق = Goofy), but some might have you stumped — عبقرينو, anyone?


Arabic name: زيزي

English name: Daisy Duck


Arabic name: كابتن ماجد

Japanese name: Tsubasa Ozora


Arabic name: عم دهب

English name: Scrooge McDuck


Arabic name: المعلم رشدان

English name: Master Splinter


Arabic names: لولو، سوسو، توتو

English names: Hewey, Dewey, Louie


Arabic name: نيسان

English name: April O’Neil


Arabic name: عبقرينو

English name: Gyro Gearloose


Arabic name: الساحرة سونيا

English name: Magica DeSpell


Arabic name: نبيل فوزي

English name: Clark Kent


Arabic name: بندق

English name: Goofy


Arabic names: صخر و شنخر

English names: Bebop and Rocksteady


Arabic name: بسام

Japanese name: Kojiro Hyuga


Arabic name: بطوط

English name: Donald Duck


Arabic name: شلبي سلوفان

English name: James P. Sullivan


English name: Bruce Wayne

Arabic name: صبحي

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