Where to Travel in Egypt, According to Your Hobbies


Mona Bassel

5 months  ago


After the devaluation our currency, a lot of Egyptians felt (understandably) bummed — especially because it meant we wouldn’t be able to travel abroad as much.

True, you can’t go surfing in California or rock climbing in Tibet, but you can still practice your favorite hobbies right here in the motherland.

1. Camping – Siwa


Credit: www.somedayillbethere.com


If you’re looking for a blanket full of stars and the authentic camping experience you see in Western movies, then Siwa is a great option to go for –especially with the colder months coming up. Just be prepared to rough it!

Bonus: Don’t forget to check out Cleopatra’s bath for a royal dip and some warmth!


2. Diving – Dahab


Credit: DiveDahab.com


True, there are a lot of diving spots around Egypt, but Dahab is the best place to start. It’s cheaper than other places like Marsa Alam (we’ll get to that), and it’s filled with diving centers that cannot wait to get you into the water. While it isn’t the most impressive underwater scenery, it’s good for beginners who are a little intimidated by the powers of Poseidon.

Bonus: Dahab is filled to the brim with amazing restaurants that offer a variety of mouthwatering cuisines –- so make sure to indulge!


3. Fishing – Marsa Alam


Credit: Marsaalamtransport.com


If you love eating what you catch, welcome to your dream come true. The sea in Marsa Alam is relatively calm compared to other areas, so you can go any time of the year –even in winter! You’ll catch a load of delicious fish that you can enjoy for dinner, but just remember to throw back any types that can’t be eaten or are endangered.

Bonus: If you’re into diving (see above), then Marsa Alam is your next step after beginning in Dahab. With areas like Dolphin House and Elphinstone, you’re bound to run into a shark or two.


4. Kite Surfing – Ras Sudr


Credit: kitesurfatlas.com


Who doesn’t have that one friend who’s completely obsessed with ‘kiting’? There are several camps around Ras Sudr, and almost all of them are more than ready to teach you how to kite surf. While the equipment might be a tad pricy, lovers of the sport swear by its one-of-a-kind adrenaline rush.

Bonus: If you’re lucky enough, you might get to play with some dolphins! The Red Sea rocks, doesn’t it?


5. Pottery – Fayoum


Credit: memphistours.co.uk


Those who enjoy working with their hands will love this. If you’re taking a few days off and want to escape the chaos of Cairo, take the commute to Fayoum; it only takes one to two hours. There, you’ll find specialized pottery schools where you can learn everything about the skill and possibly begin creating your own vases and bowls –and wouldn’t that be better than having the same IKEA bowls found in every other house in Cairo?

Bonus: Visit Wadi El Hitan to check out more than 400 whale skeletons, some of which are a whopping 40 million years old!


A Final Note…

It’s always better to explore Egypt when the remaining 100+ million Egyptians aren’t, so try to stay away from these places during national holidays.



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